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Luiz Henrique Neves Bonifacio luizhbonifacio at gmail.com
Fri Aug 28 17:31:11 CEST 2015

My name is Luiz Henrique Bonifacio and I am a undergraduate student from
Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. I have been working on a
scientific project in the area of code generation in which I am using the
My question is related with the node of Firm. In file "gen_irnode.c "from
libFIRM there is all the functions to create new nodes. I am having a
problem with the "new_Div" function, specifically.

*ir_node *pointer_value = get_value(right, mode);*

* ir_node *pointer_value2 = get_value(left, mode);*
* ir_node* mem = get_store();*
* ir_node *Div = new_Div(mem, pointer_value2, pointer_value, mode,
* mem = new_Proj(Div, mode_M, pn_Div_M);*
* ir_node* proj = new_Proj(Div, mode, pn_Div_res);*
* set_store(mem);*
* set_value(rd, proj);*

The code above represents how I am calling the functions to create the new
node. When I call this function in my program, the node is created, the
blocks are finalized, but when the program reaches the "be_main" function,
a segmentation failure occures.
I am seeding attached to this email my program, so you can see what I have
I hope deeply that you can help me.
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