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[GSCIT’ 2016] Global Summit on Computer & Information Technology 

16-18 July, Sousse, Tunisia  

Important Dates
Submission:  21 March, 2016 (1st call)
Notification: Within 2 weeks
Camera Ready: 30 April, 2016
Registration: 1 May, 2016

******** Call for Papers: http://www.gscit.org/ <http://www.gscit.org/> ******** 

Venue: El Mouradi Palace, located in the heart of the resort of Port el Kantaoui.

We seek novel paper submissions to be presented or posted (as a poster paper) in GSCIT’2016 with topics broadly including, but not limited to : (for detailed list, http://www.gscit.org/ctopicpf/ <http://www.gscit.org/ctopicpf/>) 

International Conference on Education & eLearning Innovations ICEELI’2016
    Learning Management Systems (LMS)
    Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS)
    Online/Virtual Laboratories
    eLearning Standards (SCORM)
    Virtual Universities
    Distance Learning vs. eLearning 

Infrastructural Development in Education 

    Emerging Technologies in Education
    eScience Cyber infrastructure
    Network Security and Infrastructure
    Security in Education and E-Learning systems
    System Design and Architecture 

E-content Development 

    Knowledge Management
    Intellectual Property Rights and Plagiarism
    User-Generated Content
    Videos for Learning (YouTube, Video Conferencing) 

Topics in Education 

    Education and Globalization
    Impact of Education on Development
    Learning Difficulties
    Internet Accessibility: Advances and Barriers
    Student Support in Education 
    Cloud Computing & E-Learning
    Cloud Computing for E-Learning
    Cloud Computing Infrastructures for E-Learning
    Cloud Computing in Classrooms
    Cloud Architecture for Education
    Challenges in Cloud Computing Environments 

Network Infrastructures 

    Networking Technologies and Applications
    Infrastructure Requirements for E-Learning Implementation and Delivery
    Developing a Custom Portal
    Digital Libraries and Repositories
    Wireless Technology
    Network Infrastructure and Services Strategy 

Computer Supported Collaborative Work 

    Collaborative Virtual Environments (CVEs)
    Web 3D Applications and Virtual Reality
    Mobile/Wireless Technologies
    The Impact of Web Technologies in Education
    Updated Classroom Technology
    Innovations in Computer Supported Learning
    Pedagogical Innovations in Education
    Learning and Teaching Models and Methodologies
    Student Learning Evaluation and Assessment
    Tutoring, Mentoring and Coaching
    Teaching Models and Techniques
    Collaborative and Problem-based Learning 

Trends in Education and E-Learning Infrastructures 

    E-Learning/ Mobile Learning/ Distance Learning/ Virtual Learning
    Virtual/Managed Learning Environments
    Scalability of Learning Systems
    Integration with ERP systems Web 2.0 and Social Networking: Blogs, Wikis … 

Education in Practice 

    Educational Innovations and Best Practices
    Enhancing Learning in Higher Education
    Skills and discipline Transfer
    Curriculum Design and Development
    Quality Assurance/Standards and Accreditation
    Tutor development and Follow up Procedures 

International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition ICCVPR’ 2015 

Computer Vision 

    2D/3D object detection and recognition
    3D shape recovery
    Advanced vision sensors
    Biologically motivated vision
    Cognitive and embodied vision
    Computational photography
    Early computer vision
    Illumination and reflectance modeling
    Image based modeling
    Low-level vision
    Motion, tracking and video analysis
    Occlusion and shadow detection
    Perceptual organization
    Physics-based vision
    Reconstruction and camera motion estimation
    Scene understanding
    Shape modeling and encoding
    Stereo and multiple view geometry
    Vision for graphics
    Vision for robotics 

Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning 

    Statistical, syntactic and structural pattern recognition
    Machine learning
    Data mining
    Artificial neural networks
    Analysis in pixel/voxel images
    Support vector machines
    Semi-supervised learning and spectral methods
    Model selection
    Reinforcement learning and temporal models 

Image, Speech, Signal and Video Processing 

    Signal, image and video processing
    Image and video analysis and understanding
    Audio and acoustic processing and analysis
    Spoken language processing
    Sensor array & multichannel signal processing
    Segmentation, features and descriptors
    Texture and color analysis
    Enhancement, restoration and filtering
    Coding, compression and super-resolution
    Automatic speech and speaker recognition
    Multimedia analysis, indexing and retrieval 

Document Analysis, Biometrics and Pattern Recognition Applications 

    Pattern Recognition for Bioinformatics
    Pattern Recognition for Surveillance and Security
    Industrial image analysis
    Gesture and Behavior Analysis
    Mixed and Augmented Reality
    Signal Processing for Astronomy
    Human Computer Interaction
    Character and Text Recognition
    Handwriting Recognition
    Document Understanding
    Human computer interaction
    Speech and natural language based interaction
    Human body motion and gesture based interaction
    Facial expression recognition
    Group interaction: analysis of verbal and non-verbal communication
    Biometric systems and applications
    Forensic biometrics and its applications
    Fingerprint recognition
    Face recognition
    Iris recognition
    Gate recognition
    Soft biometrics
    Security issues 

Medical Image Analysis 

    Algorithms for molecular biology
    Biological image and signal analysis
    Brain-computer interfaces
    Computational anatomy
    Computer-aided diagnosis
    Content based image retrieval
    Biological databases
    Deformable object tracking
    Image for robot guidance
    Medical and biological imaging
    Medical image Analysis
    Signal analysis and medical robotics
    Simulation and visualization
    Molecular and cellular image analysis
    Segmentation of medical images
    Volumetric image analysis
    VR/AR in medical education, diagnosis and surgery 

International Conference on International Conference on Cloud Computing & Cryptography ICCCC’2015 

Novel cryptographic protocols 

    ID-based and certificateless cryptosystems
    Broadcast encryption, signcryption, etc
    Designed confirmer or undeniable signatures
    Identification / authentication schemes
    Key agreement
    Predicate encryption 

SW / HW implementation 

    Secure operating systems
    Efficient software implementation
    FPGA or ASIC implementation
    RFID security
    Middleware security 

Cloud Computing 

    Cloud Application Architectures
    Cloud Application Scalability and Availability
    Cloud Applications Performance and Monitoring
    Cloud Domain
    Cloud Middleware Frameworks
    Cloud Traffic Characterization and Measurements
    Cloud Traffic Engineering and Control-Plane Architectures
    Collective Intelligence/Crowd Computing
    Context-aware Computing and Peer to Peer Computing
    Context-Awareness and its Data Mining
    Cyber Security
    Data Center Network Management, Reliabilty, Optimization
    Data Center Operations
    Data Grids
    Data Models for Production Systems and Services
    Defence Systems
    Development Methods for Cloud Applications
    Disaster Recovery
    Distributed Data Center Architectures and Services
    Distributed Information Systems 

Cloud Applications & Secure Environments 

    Green Cloud Networking
    Incident Response Issues
    Internet Architecture
    Internet of Services
    Internet of things
    Internet Routing of Cloud data
    Internet technologies
    Intra-Cloud vs Inter-Cloud Management
    IPSec Quality of Service
    Load Balancing
    MANET Security
    Mobile Cloud Networking, Follow-Me-Cloud
    Network on the fly, Virtual control, Virtual radio, Isolation
    New Novel Mechanism and Application for Cloud Computing
    Outsourced Production Environments
    Peer to Peer Data Management
    Performance Development and Management
    Secure Communications
    Security and Data Management
    Security Challenges and Content Authoring
    Security Stack
    Security, Privacy, Confidentiality in Cloud networking
    Semantic Web Technologies
    Service and Systems Design and QoS Network Security
    Service Composition
    Service Discovery
    Service Innovation
    Service Marketing and Management
    Service Modeling and Specification
    Service Monitoring and Control
    Service Strategy
    Smart Homes and its Business Model
    Storage Area Networks, Optical Interconnect, Fiber Channel
    Technology-Enabled Information
    Trust, Privacy and Data Security
    Ubiquitous Systems
    Virtual Ethernet Switching, Data Center Bridging
    Virtualization of Wireless Equipment
    Web Services
    Wireless Sensor Network Security 

International Conference on Computer Technologies Innovations & Applications ICCTIA’2015 

CPS and Internet of things 

    Access Network Technologies
    Network, Communication Systems and System Architectures
    Location, Searching and Discovery
    Real-time Communication and Collaboration for Smart things
    Sensor Networking Technologies
    Web of Things
    CPS (Cyber, Physical and Social) Technologies
    Modeling and Simulation tools and Technologies
    Emerging IoT Business Models and Process Changes
    Case Studies in Areas of Smart Grid, Healthcare, Agriculture,
    Logistics, Environmental monitoring and Transport, etc 

Information Technology 

    Databases, Indexing
    Cryptography, Watermarking, Networks and Security
    Software Engineering
    Semantic Web, Knowledge Management
    Metamodeling, Domain-Specific Modeling, Aspect-Oriented Modeling
    Model Transformation, Model Composition 

Computer Science 

    Numerical Algorithms and Analysis
    Computational Simulation and Analysis
    Data Visualization and Virtual Reality
    Grid Computing and Cluster Computing
    Concurrent, Parallel and Distributed Systems
    Health Informatics 

Reliability, Security, Privacy and Trust 

    Information and System Security
    Reliable Computing
    Trusted Computing
    Network Security and Privacy
    Biometric Security
    Network Forensics
    Authorization and Access Control
    Security Metrics and Performance Evaluation
    Mobile, Internet, and Cloud Security 

Networks & Internet Technologies 

    Ad hoc, Vehicular and Sensor Networks
    Future Internet, Next Generation Network Design
    Industrial Networks
    Optical Networks
    Smart Grids and Energy Efficiency
    Routing, Switching, Traffic Engineering and Control
    Virtual, Peer-to-Peer, and Overlay Networks
    Performance Analysis, Measurements, and Testbeds
    Reconfigurable and Cognitive Networks 

Wireless Communications 

    Wireless Technologies (HSPA, LTE, WiFi, UWB, etc.)
    Wireless Localization Techniques
    Modulation, Coding, and Diversity Techniques
    Multi-Antenna and MIMO Techniques
    Self Organizing Networks
    Heterogeneous Networks
    Machine-to-Machine Communications
    Multihop and Cooperative Communications
    Cross Layer Optimization in Wireless Networks 

Submission could be in the form of : 
1- Abstract (paper not exceeding 2 pages )
2- Full papers: Prepare your manuscript (maximum 6 pages) 
3- Poster Presentation: is a graphically based approach to presenting research 

 Submission link : http://www.gscit.org/submission/ <http://www.gscit.org/submission/> 


Conferences proceedings will be submitted for publication to CPS- Conference Publications Services which are submitts to IEEE Xplore and the IEEE Computer Society Digital Library (CSDL). All conferences and conference proceedings must meet IEEE's quality standards. IEEE reserves the right not to publish any proceedings that do not meet these standards.. Please visit the site for author guidelines. 

ISI Journals: 

Journal of Information Systems <http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/03064379> Impact Factor: 1.838

Journal of Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence <http://www.journals.elsevier.com/engineering-applications-of-artificial-intelligence/> Impact Factor: 1.947 


 Recent Advances in Electrical & Electronic Engineering <http://www.benthamscience.com/journal/index.php?journalID=raeeng>

Reviewing Process: Each submitted paper will be blindly reviewed by at least two members of an international technical program committee with appropriate expertise.

Best Regards
Dr Rachid Sammouda
GSCIT'2016 General Chair.
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