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Hi,This is John from Etrans Co., Ltd..We have a strong Japanese
translation team with full experiences in different fields.If you have any
need, please don't hesitate to contact us.Also, if you need any translation
service for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Indonesian,
Vietnamese, Tagalog, Malay etc., we can also
regards,John ZhengMarketing representativeSamples we did in 2018:Mirrors Of
Albion 180314_Mirrors Of Albion - Game translation project_EN-JA English to
Japanese 133465 per source words TSEL  TSEL files for translation English to
Indonesian 261735 per source words Sanyo TPT JP>EN Japanese to English
166880 per source words Sanyo TPT JP>EN Japanese to English 200000 per
source words  Expedia Expedia projects English to Traditional Chinese(HK)
322750.5 per source words ISACA ISACA: 2018 CISA Review Manual English to
Japanese 105278.31 per source words EXPEDIA R-EXPE0080h - Japanese -
EXPEDIA_LX MT PE English to Japanese 158396.8 per source words English to
Japanese 147633.7 per source words Robertshaw Robertshaw website for
translation English to Simplified Chinese 106977 per source words ROC
Decision of the ROC High Court Traditional Chinese(TW) to English 205500 per
source words N/A WANG Chuan-pu, KUO Li-heng, 2017 Judgment&LEI Hsueh-ming et
al, 2017 Acquittal judgment Traditional Chinese(TW) to English 247000 per
source words KNH9812 KNH9812 English to Japanese 189055 per source words
JONCKERS AZL111805 Amazon DE-CN German to Simplified Chinese 336008 per
source words Huawei 180506_NEUE UNTERLAGEN übersetzung M+W Unterlagen in
Chinesisch German to Simplified Chinese 116831 per source words Amazon
AZL118009_CN-JP 1M (Corpus, T+R) | HO | Round 1 | L2 Simplified Chinese to
Japanese 340213 per source words Amazon AZL032018_JP-CN (Public,T+R) | HO |
L1 Japanese to Simplified Chinese 361305.50 per source words Walking Dead 
Availability check for Walking Dead  English to Simplified Chinese 153122
per source words English to Traditional Chinese(TW) 155666 per source words
Amazon  Amazon | AZL180271 - LUX - DE-CN TEP (corpus, Clara) | DE-CN | HO |
L2 German to Simplified Chinese 232469 per source words Hand of Fate 2
P-2018-02034 Defiant Development Hand of Fate 2 English to Japanese 127714
per source words 深圳市好易通HYT 
软件需求规格、设计说明书、程序说明等 Simplified Chinese to
English 160545 per source words The Pillars of the Earth 2018-02077_The
Pillars of the Earth_Books 2-3/Handoff English to Simplified Chinese 111577
per source words English to Traditional Chinese(TW) 127409 per source words
Amazon LUX Amazon | AZL112462 - LUX - DE-CN T+R (Corpus, Clara) 500k | HO |
T+R | L4 German to Simplified Chinese 119247 per source words Expo 2020 
32426 > Expo 2020 | Website Localization English to Japanese 106680 per
source words English to Korean 106880.1 per source words English to
Indonesian 106880.104 per source words 深圳市好易通HYT The translation
for Brochures and design drawings etc. Simplified Chinese to English 129947
per source words Hytera海能达 The translation for Brochures and design
drawings etc. Simplified Chinese to English 192948 per source words
RingCentral  RNG183252 | 107192_New Languages zhCN zhTW Web Initial
Translation - Web XLIFF English to Traditional Chinese(TW) 133432 per source
words Hui School Textbook Translation Hui School Textbook Translation
Simplified Chinese to English 167151 per source words 

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