[Firm] cparser test file for: assertion is_compound_type(type) failed

Volkmar Klatt volkmar.klatt at bnv-bamberg.de
Tue Nov 27 04:26:01 CET 2018


1) your bugtracker looks a bit scruffy,
2) and needs javascript (which my lynx browser doesn't handle,
   we corresponded about)

so here's a test file.

Volkmar Klatt

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/* cparser -c t.c
assertion "is_compound_type(type)" failed: file "./ir/tr/type_t.h", line 254, function "get_compound_n_members_"
Abort trap (core dumped)

cparser 1.22.1(3e00440a231132c09af2927300bfdf57111e5564-dirty) using libFirm 1.22(080756eedbf0f31a89170d43d058edc25c3eb344) aka cparser and libfirm from 2018-09-18

platform:    OpenBSD 5.7 x86 32bit
reported by: volkmar.klatt at bnv-bamberg.de               */

struct S {
  int   v;

double itod (struct S s)
  return 1.0 * s.v;

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