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           12-15 September 2004, Technische Universität Dresden

                            Joint conference
    12th GI/ITG Conference on Measuring, Modelling and Evaluation of
                Computer and Comummunication Systems (MMB)
                             together with
              3rd Polish-German Teletraffic Symposium (PGTS)

The German MMB conference series started in 1981, the Polish-German PGTS in
2000. Both conferences are covering all aspects of performance evaluation
of communication and data processing systems and networks. The combination
of both conferences brings together the active Polish and German
teletraffic and data traffic communities.


Teletraffic Models and Traffic Theory
- Traffic characterization
- User behaviour
- Traffic measurements
- Parameterization

Traffic Control and QoS
- Internet traffic engineering
- Reservation and priority mechanisms

Network and System Architectures
- High-speed switching fabrics
- Photonic switching

Mobile Networks
- Mobile broadband networks
- Ad hoc networks
- Mobility management

Network Design and Planning
- Network topologies
- Network optimization
- Access and backbone networks
- Satellite networks

Traffic and Network Management
- Service engineering
- Network security
- Network reliability
- Recovery and restoration
- Accounting and tariffing

Protocol Performance
- Wireless networks
- Multicast
- Routing
- Interworking

Computer Systems and Networks
- Real-time systems
- Multiprocessor systems
- Embedded systems
- Logistic systems and workflows

Performance Evaluation Methods
- Queueing theory
- Queueing networks
- Analytical and numerical analysis
- Approximations and bound computation
- Stochastic Petri nets
- Stochastic process algebras
- Simulation techniques: rare event simulation,
  distributed simulation, hybrid simulation
- Performance tools

Quantitative Measures
- Performability
- Dependability

Performance Measurements
- Hard- and software monitors
- Hybrid monitors
- Statistical data evaluation (time series analysis)
- Benchmarking
- Application examples

A) Full Papers (approx. 5000 characters or 15 pages typewriter, double
spaced, PDF) should be submitted to the conference server by
www.mmbpgts.org before 4 March 2004. The server for Paper Submission is open.
Accepted papers will be given 30 minutes for presentation and discussion.
B) We also solicit to submit Short Papers describing actual ongoing work,
tools (approx. 1500 characters or 5 typewriter, double spaced pages, PDF)
also before 4 March 2004.
Accepted papers will be given 15 minutes for presentation and discussion.

Acceptance notification: 1 June 2004
Camera ready papers due: 1 July 2004

Two tutorials are planned in the afternoon on 12 Sep 2003. Proposals for
tutorials should be sent to Peter Buchholz
(email: peter.buchholz at postamt.cs.uni-dortmund.de)

Desks and poster stands will be provided for the presentation of software
tools. Requests to present a tool should be submitted before 1 July 2004.
Due to space limitations, places will be allocated on a FCFS basis.

The official language of conference is English.

Dresden is the capital of Saxony and the new European center of
Microelectronics with big fabs of Infineon, AMD and others. The baroque
city of Dresden is famous for its beautiful buildings such as the Zwinger,
the Semper opera house and the nearly completed reconstruction of the
Frauenkirche. The conference dinner is planned to held on a steamboat river
Elbe cruise to Pillnitz castle. The "Technische Universität Dresden" is one
of the biggest universities of technology in Germany with more than 30.000


Conference Chairs
Paul J. Kühn, University of Stuttgart
Jozef Wozniak, Gdansk University of Technology

Technical Programme Committee
Peter Buchholz, University of Dortmund
Ralf Lehnert, Technische Universität Dresden
Michal Pioro, Warsaw University of Technology

Wojciech Burakowski, Warsaw University of Technology
Tadeusz Chachorski, Polish Academy of Sciences, Gliwice
Joachim Charzinski, Siemens AG, Munich
Janusz Filipiak, AGH University of Sciences and Technology, Cracow
Reinhard German, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg
Carmelita Görg, University of Bremen
Adam Grzek, Wroclaw University of Technology
Franz Hartleb, T-Systems, Darmstadt
Boudewijn Haverkort, University of Twente
Andrzej Jajsczyk, AGH University of Sciences and Technology, Cracow
Wojciech Kabacinski, Poznan University of Technology
Sylwester Kaczmarek, Gdansk University of Technology
Andrzej Kasprzak, Wroclaw University of Technology
Ullrich Killat, Harburg University of Technology
Jerzy Konorski, Gdansk University of Technology
Udo Krieger, University of Bamberg
Paul J. Kühn, University of Stuttgart
Axel Lehmann, University of Armed Forces, München
Christoph Lindemann, University of Dortmund
Jozef Lubacz, Warsaw University of Technology
Andreas Mitschele-Thiel, Technische Universität Ilmenau
Bruno Müller-Clostermann, University of Duisburg-Essen
Jörg Oehlerich, Siemens AG, Munich
Andrzej Pach, AGH Univ. of Science and Technology, Cracow
Zdzislaw Papir, AGH Univ. of Science and Technology, Cracow
Martin Paterok, Bertelsmann, Gütersloh
Georg Rößler, Tenovis GmbH, Frankfurt
Maciej Stasiak, Poznan University of Technology
Michael Tangemann, Alcatel, Stuttgart
Matthias Wippenbeck, Marconi Communications, Backnang
Adam Wolisz, Technische Universität Berlin
Jozef Wozniak, Gdansk University of Technology

For more information please contact:

Prof.Dr.-Ing.Ralf Lehnert
Dipl.-Ing. Rong Zhao
Technische Universität Dresden
Communications Laboratory
Chair for Telecommunications
D-01062 Dresden, Germany
E-Mail: info at mmbpgts.org

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