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        *                                                 *
        *                   WiOpt '04                     *
        *                                                 *
        *     2nd Workshop on Modeling and Optimization   *
        *      in Mobile, Ad Hoc and Wireless Networks    *
        *                                                 *
        *        March 24 - 26, 2004, Cambridge, UK       *
        *                                                 *

                         Workshop Website:

This workshop is intended to bring together leading researchers from
both academia and industry to present both foundations and practical
methods and tools for modeling and optimisation of mobile and ad hoc
networks.  The workshop will bring together researchers studying
optimisation issues of mobile networks from both the network
performance and the mobile networking perspectives:

*  Mobile Network Optimisation: Applications and Algorithms
*  Performance characterisation and optimisation of
   mobile/wireless networks and systems
*  Protocol design (MAC, Routing) for optimal mobile network
*  Tools for network optimisation
*  Energy efficiency in mobile networks
*  Security and co-operation models for mobile networks
*  Pricing and incentives in mobile and ad hoc networks.

The program committee has compiled an excellent program of 43
presentations, selected from over 180 submissions. You can find the
program at the end of this call or at


Early registration deadline 	-  1 March 2004 
Late registration deadline 	- 12 March 2004 
Workshop 			- 24 - 26 March 2004 


The workshop will take place in Cambridge, United Kindom at
New Hall College. Accommodation is available within the college
and in hotels in Cambridge. The website has more information under 


To register, please download the registration form from 
http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/Research/SRG/wiopt04/regis.html, fill it out
and mail or fax it to the address shown on the webpage.

Registration fee is £ 180 for early registration before March 1st, £
225 for late registration before March 12. Space is limited, so please
register soon!

A limited number for student travel grants is available. Details can
be found on the registration web page. 


The program consists of 11 regular sessions, two plenary sessions and
a poster session.  

Plenary Speakers:

Bruce Hajek (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA) 
Ian Akyildiz (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA) 

Regular Papers:

Session 1: QoS 

Optimal Scheduling for Multimedia Traffic in a Wireless LAN
 Munish Goyal, Anurag Kumar, and Vinod Sharma 

An Efficient Scheduling Scheme for IEEE 802.11e
 Pierre Ansel, Qiang Ni, and Thierry Turletti 

Interference Control at Packet-level in Wireless Networks with Quality
of Service Support  
 Sami Ayyorgun and Rene L. Cruz 

Utility Based Data Service Differentiation for CDMA Data Networks
 Haitao Lin, Mainak Chatterjee, Sajal K. Das, and Kalyan Basu 

Session 2: Energy Management

Minimum-Energy Broadcasting in Wireless Networks Using a Single Broadcast Tree
 Ioannis Papadimitriou and Leonidas Georgiadis

Exact Solution of the Minimum Energy Broadcasting Problem in Ad Hoc
Wireless Networks by Integer Programming 
 Kemal Altinkemer, F. Sibel Salman, and Prashant Bellur

Complexity of Minimum Spanning Tree in Evolving Graphs and the
Minimum-Energy Broadcast Routing Problem 
 Afonso Ferreira and Aubin Jarry

Bounds on the Energy Consumption of Routings in Wireless Sensor
 Juan Alonso, Adam Dunkels, and Thiemo Voigt

Session 3: Cellular Networks

Transport Level Optimisations for Streaming Media Over Wide-area
Wireless Networks 
 Julian Chesterfield, Rajiv Chakravorty, Suman Banerjee, Pablo
 Rodriguez, and Ian Pratt  

Cell Reselection Interarrival Time Investigation for GPRS
 Roger Kalden and Bart Sanders

Minimum Cost Paging for Multi-System Wireless Networks
 Abhishek Roy, Archan Misra, and Sajal K. Das

Integer Programming Methods for UMTS Radio Network Planning
 Andreas Eisenblaetter, Atesio Armin Fuegenschuh, Hans-Florian
 Geerdes, Daniel Junglas, Thorsten Koch, and Alexander Martin 

Session 4: Ad-Hoc Networks I

Enhancing SWAN QoS Model By Adopting Destination-Based Regulation (ESWAN)
 Yasser L. Morgan and Thomas Kunz 

QoS-Aware Segmented Backup Source Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
 Ajay Agarwal

Connectivity in Ad-Hoc Networks: a Queueing Theoretical Approach
 Daniele Miorandi and Eitan Altman

Study of Connectivity in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks with an Improved Radio Model
 R. Hekmat and P. Van Mieghem

CDMA & Multicarrier Systems

Throughput Optimization of Dynamic OFDM-FDMA Systems with Inband Signaling
 James Gross, Holger Karl, and Adam Wolisz

Pilot Power Optimization in WCDMA Networks
 Iana Siomina and Di Yuan

3G-WCDMA Downlink Capacity Analysis and Optimisation with
Multi-Carrier Deployment 
 Ridha Nasri and Mongi Marzoug

Joint Scheduling and Resource Allocation in CDMA Systems
 Rajeev Agrawal, Vijay Subramanian, and Randall Berry

Session 6: Sensor Networks

Exploiting Mobility for Energy Efficient Data Collection in Sensor
 Sushant Jain, Rahul Shah, Waylon Brunette, Gaetano Borriello, and
 Sumit Roy 

Distributed Self-Tuning of Sensor Networks
 Aditya Karnik, Anurag Kumar, and Vivek Borkar

Decentralized Utility-based Sensor Network Design 
 Narayanan Sadagopan and Bhaskar Krishnamachari

Network Devolution and the Growth of Sensory Lacunae in Sensor
 Srisankar S. Kunniyur and Santosh S. Venkatesh

Infrastructure WLANs

Asymptotics for Provisioning Problems of Peering Wireless LANs with a
Large Number of Participants 
 Costas Courcoubetis and Richard Weber

Saving Energy in Wi-Fi Hotspots through 802.11 PSM: An Analytical
 G. Anastasi, M. Conti, E. Gregori, and A. Passarella

Energy Efficient Scheduler Design in Wireless Networks
 Jeongjoon Lee, Catherine Rosenberg, and Edwin K. P. Chong

Fuelling WiFi Deployment : A Reputation-based Solution
 Naouel Ben Salem, Jean-Pierre Hubaux, and Markus Jakobsson

Session 8: Performance Optimization 

Optimal Power Control over Multiple Time-Scale Fading Channels with
Service Outage Constraints 
 Subhrakanti Dey and Jamie Evans 

Wireless Link Scheduling with Power Control
 Steven A. Borbash and Anthony Ephremides 

An Energy-Optimal Algorithm for Neighbor Discovery in Wireless Sensor
 Ritesh Madan, Sanjay Lall 

On-line Optimal Wireless Multicast
 Prasanna Chaporkar and Saswati Sarkar

Session 9: Game-Theoretic Models

A Game-Theoretic Look at Simple Relay Channel
 Yalin Evren Sagduyu and Anthony Ephremides

Random Access in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks as a Distributed Game  
 Vivek S. Borkar and Arzad A. Kherani

Self-Optimisation of Sensor Networks as a Game
 Aditya Karnik and Anurag Kumar

Auction-based Spectrum Sharing
 Jianwei Huang, Randall Berry and Michael L. Honig

Session 10: Performance Modeling 

Model-based Loss Inference by TCP over Heterogeneous Networks
 Dhiman Barman and Ibrahim Matta

Asymptotic Analysis of a Peer Enhanced Cache Invalidation Scheme 
 Julee Pandya, Prasant Mohapatra, and Dipak Ghosal

A Modeling Framework for Computing Lifetime and Information Capacity
in Wireless Sensor Networks 
 Enrique J. Duarte-Melo, Mingyan Liu, and Archan Misra

Analysis of an Effective Priority Scheme to Support QoS Provisioning
for Multicasting in Mobile Wireless Networks 
 Koji Miyazaki and Wuyi Yue

Session 11: Ad-Hoc Networks II

On Achievable Delay/Capacity Trade-offs in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
 Gaurav Sharma and Ravi R. Mazumdar

Relaying in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
 R. Groenevelt, E. Altman, and P. Nain

Analysis of Bandwidth Allocation Algorithms for Bluetooth Wireless
Personal Area Networks 
 Randeep Bhatia, Adrian Segall, and Gil Zussman 


General chairman: Imrich Chlamtac

Vice General Chair: Roger Whitaker 

Program Co-Chairs: Marco Conti and Tamer Basar

Program committee of the conference:

Eitan Altman, Venkat Anantharam, Konstantin Avrachenkov, Andrew
Campbell, X. Cao, A. Chockalingam, Jon Crowcroft, Anthony Ephremides,
Silvia Giordano, Stephen V. Hanly, Jean-Pierre Hubaux, Holger Karl,
Peter Key, P. R. Kumar, Peter Marbach, Derek Mcauley, Archan Misra,
Philippe Nain, Sven Oestring, Yoshikuni Onozato, Ariel Orda, Ramesh
Rao, Catherine Rosenberg, Ness Shroff, Violet Syrotiuk, Thierry
Turletti, Adam Wolisz, Jeff Wieselthier, Moshe Zukerman

Local Arrangements Co-Chair: Sven Oestring, Julian Chesterfield and
	Rajiv Chakravorty  

Treasurer: Meng How Lim

Publicity Chair: Holger Karl

The workshop is co-sponsored by
        * Univ. of Cambridge
        * IIT (Istituto di Informatica e Telematica)
        * IEEE IT Society (technical co-sponsorship)
	* Euro NGI

Additional financial support is provided by:
        * Intel
        * Microsoft Research

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