[MMB] CfP: Workshop Algorithms and Protocols for Efficient Peer-to-Peer Applications

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Wed Mar 3 10:13:42 MET 2004

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Workshop on


as part of the GI-Conference INFORMATIK 2004 in Ulm, Germany (see 
http://www.informatik2004.de/index.php?id=workshops for details)


Peer-to-peer protocols and applications have drawn much attention 
recently. Especially file-sharing applications like Gnutella, Kazaa, and 
e-Donkey have become very popular. But other areas in the field of 
communication networks and distributed systems have also begun to use 
peer-to-peer concepts. Meanwhile, peer-to-peer protocols are used in 
quite diverse areas, such as multicast streaming of multimedia content, 
distributed databases, instant messaging services, and grid-computing 
However, as diverse as the applications are the algorithms and protocols 
that are based on peer-to-peer concepts. In order to achieve efficient, 
scalable solutions, it is thus especially important to support the 
respective application with a suitable peer-to-peer approach.
Following the overall motto of the conference “Informatik verbindet”, 
this workshop aims at bringing together researchers from all areas of 
informatics and computer science to discuss how the diversity of 
peer-to-peer protocols and algorithms can be leveraged to create 
efficient and scalable solutions for all kinds of distributed systems. 
We expect this workshop to be of interest for researchers from both, 
academic institutions and industry. The participants may either have a 
peer-to-peer networking background themselves, or have an interest in 
the application of peer-to-peer technology to other areas of distributed 

Topics of interest include (non-exhaustive list):

* lessons learned from deploying real-world P2P protocols
* evolution of P2P file sharing protocols/state-of-the-art P2P file 
sharing techniques
* trust, security, anonymity, and accounting: special focus on P2P in 
open environments
* performance evaluation of P2P applications using different underlying 
P2P protocols
* tools and frameworks for P2P protocol and application development
* incentives for using the P2P approach in systems like distributed 
databases and grid computing middleware
* challenges faced and benefits gained when turning traditional 
client-server applications into P2P applications
* P2P grid computing: tackling platform heterogeneity and code mobility
* trends and advances in P2P application development
* examples of modern P2P applications from diverse research areas
* free-riding and other non-technical aspects with using P2P applications

and any further topic promoting the common understanding of and research 
efforts in performance related issues of P2P protocols and applications.


The workshop will cover one day. Currently, it is scheduled for 
Thursday, 23.09. but the organizers of the Informatik 2004 event might 
shift it to another day of that week.

Please note the following deadlines:

Submission deadline: 30 April 2004
Notification about acceptance/rejection: 28 May 2004
Deadline for camera-ready version: 30 June 2004

Submissions have to be formatted according to the style guidelines of 
the Springer LNI series (available via www.gi-ev.de/LNI/index.html). 
Submissions must not exceed five pages, including figures. Please send 
your submission electronically and only in pdf format to:

fuhrmann at tm.uka.de

Accepted submissions will be published in the proceedings of the 
Informatik 2004 conference. Further information will be available soon 
at www.informatik2004.de.


Thomas Fuhrmann, Karlsruhe, (Chair),
Hermann de Meer, Passau, (Chair),
Ralf Steinmetz, Darmstadt,
Klaus Wehrle, Tübingen,
Martina Zitterbart, Karlsruhe

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