[MMB] CFP Workshop on Combinatorial and Algorithmic Aspects of Networking

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   Workshop on Combinatorial and Algorithmic Aspects of Networking

                         CALL FOR PAPERS

                      August 5th - 7th, 2004

           Banff International Research Station (BIRS)

The Internet because of its size, decentralized nature, and loosely
controlled architecture provides a hotbed of challenges that are amenable
to mathematical analysis and algorithmic techniques. This workshop brings
together mathematicians, theoretical computer scientists and network
specialists. This fast growing area is an intriguing intersection of
Computer Science/Graph Theory/Game Theory/Networks.

Original research papers are solicited. The list of topics for the
conference includes, but is not limited to:

Economics, Game Theory and the Internet
Geometric Routing
Web Caching
Peer-to-peer Systems
Graph Theory/Web Graph
Data Stream Analysis
Statistical Distributions

as they relate to Networks in general and the Internet in particular.

The workshop will be organized as a series of talks with time for focused
discussions.  We solicit general participation and invite presentations on
all aspects of networking challenges that can be addressed using
techniques from theoretical computer science and mathematics. The goal of
of the workshop and working group is to foster interdisciplinary
collaborations among researchers interested in this field.


Authors should send an extended abstract in postscript or PDF format by
May 3, 2004. The paper should not exceed 12 pages in length on
letter-size paper using 11 point or larger font.

Submission Deadline:    May 3, 2004
Notification Deadline:  June 1, 2004

Submission instructions will be available in


We anticipate that the proceedings of the workshop will be published
by Springer-Verlag in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series,
and will be available for distribution after the conference.


The Banff International Research Station (BIRS) is a collaborative effort
of the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Science (PIMS, Canada) and
the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI, Berkeley, USA).
Located in beautiful Banff, Alberta, Canada, BIRS hosts mathematical
workshops for forty weeks of the year, principally in five- or two- day
formats. The objective of these workshops is to foster collaboration and
creativity in various areas of mathematics and computer science. BIRS is
part of the Banff Centre, an international centre for the creative arts.

Participation in the workshops at BIRS is by invitation only. As space is
limited, we can only guarantee an invitation for one co-author for each

Program Committee

 Azer Bestavros, Boston University, USA
 Anthony Bonato, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
 Andrei Broder, IBM Research, USA
 HervC) BrC6nnimann, Polytechnic University, USA
 Adam Buchsbaum, AT&T Labs, USA
 Edith Cohen, AT&T Labs, USA
 Erik Demaine, MIT, USA
 Luisa Gargano, University of Salerno, Italy
 Ashish Goel, Stanford University, USA
 Angele Hamel, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada (Organizing Comm. Chair)
 Monika Henzinger, Google, USA
 Jeannette Janssen, Dalhousie University, Canada
 David Karger, MIT, USA
 Srinivasan Keshav, University of Waterloo, Canada
 Alejandro Lopez-Ortiz, University of Waterloo, Canada (Program Chair)
 Bruce Maggs, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
 Rajeev Motwani, Stanford University, USA
 Ian Munro, University of Waterloo, Canada
 Tim Roughgarden, University of California at Berkeley, USA
 Christos Papadimitrou, University of California at Berkeley, USA
 David Peleg, Weizmann Institute, Israel
 Torsten Suel, Polytechnic University, USA
 Eli Upfal, Brown University, USA
 Alessandro Vespignani, Laboratoire de Physique Theoretique, France

Alex Lopez-Ortiz                                   alopez-o at uwaterloo.ca
http://db.uwaterloo.ca/~alopez-o                     Assistant Professor
School of Computer Science                        University of Waterloo

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