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Fri Apr 16 16:30:22 MEST 2004

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Dear colleague,

this is to notify you that the submission process for the 
4th International Workshop on Advanced Charging and QoS 
Technology has now started. ICQT'04 will be held on 
Oct 1st, 2004, in Barcelona, Spain, in colocation 
with QoFIS'04 and WQoSR'04. 

Paper submission is managed through the EDAS 
system at www.edas.info. Note that the submission deadline 
of May 2nd, 2004, is approaching rapidly.

For your convencience, please find attached the 
Final Call for Papers. For further information we refer to 
the ICQT homepage at http://www.ftw.at/icqt, or feel free 
to contact one of the TPC co-chairs at icqt04 at ftw.at.

Best wishes,
B. Stiller
P. Reichl
R. Gibbens
ICQT'04 TPC Co-chairs


                       Final Call for Papers
                  Fourth International Workshop on
        Advanced Internet Charging and QoS Technologies (ICQT'04)
                         "QoS has its Price"

          co-located with the Fifth International Workshop on
             Quality of future Internet Services (QofIS'04)

                     September 29 - October 1, 2004
                      Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain
                  ICQT'04 URL: http://www.ftw.at/icqt

The current shift of Internet communications towards differentiated
services enables and supports a huge variety of prosperous business
models. The resulting combination of support service issues with
technological and economic perspectives drives many relevant and
interesting research topics for application developers, business
architects, network providers, service providers, and customers.
Especially the identification of novel Internet charging solutions,
the investigation and evaluation of their technical feasibility,
and the consolidation of technical and economic mechanisms for
enabling a fast, guaranteed, and efficient charging of
communications services is of fundamental importance for the future
evolution of the Internet, and as such the central focus of the
international ICQT workshop series.

ICQT'04 is the fourth event in this series, following the highly
successful workshops ICQT'01 in Vienna (Austria), ICQT'02 in
Zurich (Switzerland) and ICQT'03 in Munich (Germany). The focus
of this year's workshop is on the economics of Internet services,
pricing for Quality-of-Service (QoS), and the required technology
in support of charging. Besides charging technology in terms of
monitoring, accounting, and security mechanisms, also pricing and
charging models for peer-to-peer applications, multicast, wireless,
and QoS services are of importance. Therefore, authors are invited
to submit work on issues related to, but not limited by, the
following list of topics:

o Network economics and economic models for the Internet
o Internet pricing, tariffing, and billing
o Internet charging technologies
o Monitoring, measuring, and accounting
o ISP cost and business models
o Charging for QoS, services, and content
o Pricing mobile and wireless services
o Application service provider models
o Security mechanisms for charging
o Management of Service Level Agreements

Papers and Submissions
Papers are solicited as full papers (in English), of no more than
10 single-spaced pages, each of which will be subject to a full
review process. Submissions should already follow the author
guidelines as specified below and must include: title, authors,
affiliations, 100-word abstract, and a list of at most five
keywords. The corresponding author should be identified clearly,
including name, position, mailing address, telephone and fax
numbers, and e-mail address. An electronic, PDF-based submission
of papers is mandatory.

Papers submission is being handled through the EDAS system 
running at http://www.edas.info. The submission procedure 
is a three-step process: 
(1) First, you have to register the author(s) within the 
EDAS system. To do this, go to the EDAS system and follow 
the instructions. 
(2) Next, you have to register the paper within the EDAS 
system. To do this, login into the EDAS system, find 
"ICQT'04" in the list of conferences and click on the link 
to submit a paper for ICQT'04. You have to fill out a form 
which describes your paper. 
(3) Finally, you can (from within EDAS) upload your PDF file. 
Once the upload has completed successfully, the submission 
procedure ends. If you experience problems with the system, 
please feel free to send an email to icqt04 at ftw.at. 

Please check the URL http://www.ftw.at/icqt for
further submission instructions or contact icqt04 at ftw.at for
additional information. The conference proceedings are being
published as hard-copy and electronically by Springer Verlag,
Heidelberg, Germany, in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Series and will be available during the event.

Authors are obliged to follow the LNCS's guidelines (see
for detailed information) in preparing
their manuscript. Author guidelines with respect to the final
camera ready paper formats are to be strictly followed without
exception, including the 10 page limit.

Important Dates
     Deadline for submissions: May 2, 2004
   Notification of acceptance: July 2, 2004
         Camera ready version: July 25, 2004
                Workshop date: October 1, 2004

General Information
The final program will be run as a full day on October 1, 2004,
preceded by QofIS'04 on September 29-30, 2004, http://www.qofis.org.
The registration fee for this event will include the attendance of
both ICQT'04 and QoFIS'04. For more information please visit
http://www.ftw.at/icqt or contact icqt04 at ftw.at.

Program Co-Chairs
Burkhard Stiller  UniBw Munich, Germany and ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Peter Reichl      FTW Vienna, Austria
Richard Gibbens   Cambridge University, U.K.

Program Committee
Joern Altmann             University of Berkeley, U.S.A.	
Ragnar Andreassen         Telenor, Norway
Sandford Bessler          FTW Vienna, Austria
Torsten Braun             University of Bern, Switzerland
Bob Briscoe               BT exact Technologies, U.K.
Roland Bueschkes          T-Mobile International, Germany	
Costas Courcoubetis       Athens University of Economics and
                           Business, Greece	
Chris Edwards             Lancaster University, U.K.
Martin Karsten            University of Waterloo, Canada
Peter Key                 Microsoft Research Cambridge, U.K.	
Claudia Linnhoff-Popien   LMU Munich, Germany
Simon Leinen              SWITCH Zuerich, Switzerland	
Peter Marbach             University of Toronto, Canada	
Robin Mason               University of Southampton, U.K.
Lee McKnight              Syracuse University, U.S.A.
Andrew Odlyzko            University of Minnesota, U.S.A.
Huw Oliver                Lancaster University, U.K.
Maximilian Ott            Semandex Networks, U.S.A.
Kihong Park               Purdue University, U.S.A.
Guido Petit               Alcatel, Belgium
Douglas Reeves            North Carolina State University, U.S.A.
Bjoern Rupp               Arthur D. Little, Germany
Jens Schmitt              Universitaet Kaiserslautern, Germany
Vasilios Siris            ICS Forth, Greece
Otto Spaniol              RWTH Aachen, Germany
Bruno Tuffin              INRIA Rennes, France

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