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Gary J. Minden gminden at ittc.ku.edu
Thu May 13 10:20:23 MEST 2004

Dear Colleagues:

IWAN 2004 will be held at The University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas
on October 27-29, 2004. The Call for Papers is below and attached as
a PDF file. Please consider submitting your recent work on Active
Networking. The conference web site is located at: http://www.iwan2004.org.
Use the "Paper Submission" link to submit your paper. We have implemented
the ConfMan paper management system for submission and reviews.

--- June 1, 2004: Papers and poster proposals
--- August 1, 2004: Tutorial proposals
--- August 15, 2004: Poster and demonstration submissions
--- September 7, 2004: Authors notified of acceptance
--- September 30, 2004: Revised papers due for inclusion in proceedings

I apologize if you received multiple copies of this call. Please contact
me if you have any questions.

Gary J. Minden
Conference Chair, IWAN 2004
The University of Kansas


IWAN 2004

Sixth Annual International Working Conference on Active Networks
October 27-29, 2004 The University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS US


SCOPE: Active networking aims at providing easy, 
but robust, introduction of new network services 
to devices such as routers and switches by adding 
dynamic programmability to network equipment. 
Network programmability and service deployment 
architectures bring just the right services to 
the customer at just the right time and location. 
With the accelerating trend towards mobility, 
ad-hoc networks, and content-aware distribution, 
active and programmable networks will play an 
important role in future network architectures. 
IWAN 2004 brings together members of various 
communities using active and related techniques 
to address these challenges and provides a forum 
for discussion and collaboration involving 
researchers, developers, service providers and 
potential users. We encourage the submission of 
papers that cover all aspects of active network 
based communication, including foundations of 
robust languages and security mechanisms, active 
transport, active services and service 
deployment, active terminals, and active 
management. In addition, the meeting will focus 
on relating active techniques to customer needs 
and services. It is expected that most 
submissions will include proofs of concept and/or 
quantitative results. However, we welcome high 
quality descriptive contributions where the ideas 
are particularly novel or where the concepts 
introduced are likely to influence the work of 
others. Authors are invited to submit papers 
addressing, but not limited to, the following 
active networking topics:

--- Architectures and new concepts for Active Networks
--- Standardization of frameworks
--- Secure and robust network operation
--- Formal descriptions, analysis, and methodologies
--- Cognitive networks
--- Design and development methodologies and tools
--- Experiences and evaluation results
--- Applications for systems and environments
--- Service creation, deployment, and management
--- Programmable network elements and devices
--- Network processor platforms
--- Hardware and software platforms for infrastructures
--- Mobile and ad-hoc networking; mobile platforms; PDAs; software radios
--- Content- and context-aware distribution

INFORMATION FOR AUTHORS: Submissions should 
describe original work (not submitted or 
published elsewhere) and be 20 double-spaced 
pages (5,000 words) or less in length. 
Submissions should include: title, authors, 
affiliations, 150 word abstract, and list of 
keywords. Identify the author responsible for 
correspondence, including the author's name, 
position, mailing address, telephone and fax 
numbers, and email address. The proceedings of 
the conference will be published by 
Springer-Verlag Heidelberg in the Lecture Notes 
in Computer Science (LNCS) Series. The best 
papers will be considered for publication in a 
special issue of a journal.

full-day or half-day tutorials covering any 
aspect of active and programmable networks. 
Proposals should be sent to the submission 
address and must include an extended abstract 
(2-4 pages) containing a description of the topic 
and intended audience, a biography of the 
speaker(s), and an indication of length (half or 
full day).

POSTER SESSION: Authors may choose to present 
their ongoing work in a poster session. Please 
look up instructions for submission on the IWAN 
2004 website.

DEMONSTRATIONS: Facilities will be provided for 
demonstrating results of work in the topical 
areas of the conference. Demonstration proposals 
may be submitted in conjunction with papers, 
posters, or independently.

ADDRESS FOR SUBMISSION: Authors are requested to 
submit their manuscripts electronically in PDF or 
Postscript format. For more information, contact 
addresses, and submission procedure visit 

CONFERENCE WEBSITE: For more information and 
contact addresses please visit the web site at: 

--- June 1, 2004: Papers and poster proposals
--- August 1, 2004: Tutorial proposals
--- August 15, 2004: Poster and demonstration submissions
--- September 7, 2004: Authors notified of acceptance
--- September 30, 2004: Revised papers due for inclusion in proceedings

General Chair: Gary J. Minden, The University of Kansas
General Co-Chairs: Tadanobu Okada, NTT, Japan Bernhard Plattner, ETH Zürich
PC Co-Chairs: Marcin Solarski, Fraunhofer FOKUS, 
Germany; Ken Calvert, The University of Kentucky; 
Miki Yamamoto, Osaka University, Japan
Tutorial Chair: TBA
Publication Chair: TBA
Publicity Chair: TBA
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