[MMB] EU summer school 2004

Udo Krieger udo.krieger at wiai.uni-bamberg.de
Fri Jul 23 10:36:33 MEST 2004

Dear colleagues:

please be so kind and inform your students about the chance to register 
for the

FIRST EuroNGI Summer School 2004
27.09.2004 - 01.10.2004, Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg, Germany



Best regards,
Udo Krieger

Prof. Dr. Udo R. Krieger

Communication Services, Telecommuniation Systems, and Computer Networks 
Dep. of Information Systems and Applied Computer Science
Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg

Feldkirchenstr. 21
D-96045 Bamberg

Phone: +49-951-863-2820
Fax:   +49-951-863-5528
E-mail: udo.krieger at ieee.org

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