[Networkit] pip install networkit

Maximilian Vogel uocvf at student.kit.edu
Fri Aug 8 10:11:06 CEST 2014

Dear NetworKit users and developers,

There has been work going on the setup.py script to make NetworKit 
installable via pip. Before the package will be added to the official 
Python Package Index (PyPI), more tests on different systems should be 
done. Therefore, I ask you to install networkit via the following command

     pip[3.4] install --index-urlhttps://testpypi.python.org/pypinetworkit

and report to me the error message in case it fails to install properly.
Also, if you currently have NetworKit installed in develop mode, make 
sure to remove that first. If the installation completes properly, it 
would also be nice if you could test basic tasks for NetworKit like:

     from networkit import *
     g = readGraph(file)

Also, please note that to be in line with the Python package 
conventions, the package name is now all lowercase.

Kind regards,

PS: To uninstall networkit via pip, just use: pip uninstall networkit
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