[Networkit] Code Quality

Marvin Ritter marvin.ritter at gmail.com
Sun Aug 17 11:55:43 CEST 2014

Dear NetworKit Developers,

today I noticed some things that we might want to improve in the future:

*1) Be more careful with changes to core classes (e.g. Graph, readers, ...)*
Example: Someone changed the parameter of Graph.BFSfrom (the handle gets
now 2 parameters).
I think it is fine to change the interface (backwards compatibility just
slows down development), but please make sure to minimise the number of
changes and think well about them (ask at least one other developer, he
might have a better idea for the change)

*2) Write test good test cases*
I just fixed a method in Graph and removed another one because it was wrong
and never used.
Everybody makes mistakes, but if you write good test cases or ask someone
to review changes, it is more likely that we notice them before a release.

*3) Fix compiler warnings*
I know most of the compiler warnings from gcc can be ignored, but I would
prefer fixing them anyway. It is not a big deal and it makes it easier to
find important ones.

I'm happy to discuss those 3 points if you don't agree.

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