[Networkit] NetworKit 3.3 released

Christian Staudt christian.staudt at kit.edu
Mon Aug 25 16:30:51 CEST 2014

Dear colleagues,

we have released version 3.3. of NetworKit, the open-source toolkit for high-performance network analysis. The package is under rapid development and so we have added several algorithmic and utility features, on top of important bug fixes. Thank you to the numerous people who have contributed code to this release.

More information can be found on https://networkit.iti.kit.edu/. We certainly welcome user feedback and opportunities for collaboration.

Best regards
Christian Staudt

christian.staudt at kit.edu
Institute of Theoretical Informatics - Parallel Computing Group 
Building 50.34 Room 034
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Release Notes (short)

- renamed package to "networkit" according to Python packaging convention
- restructured package to enable "pip install networkit"
- improved community detection algorithms
- improved diameter algorithms
- added support for efficient, arbitrary edge attributes via edge indexing
- Eigenvector Centrality & PageRank on basis of scipy
-  spectral methods for graph partitioning  (partitioning.SpectralPartitioner), drawing  (viztools.layout.SpectralLayout) and coloring  (coloring.SpectralColoring)
- new graph generators
    - stochastic blockmodel (generators.StochasticBlockmodel)
    - Watts-Strogatz model (generators.WattsStrogatzGenerator)
    - Forest Fire model (generators.DynamicForestFireGenerator)
- union find data structure (structures/UnionFind)
- simple spanning forest algorithm (graph.SpanningForest)
- fast algorithm for partition intersection (community/PartitionIntersection)
- hub dominance in communities (community.HubDominance)
- reader for Matlab adjacency matrices
- support for reading and writing Covers
- performance improvements in Gephi streaming interface

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