[Networkit] Weird bug: forEdgesOf iterates wrong edged

Maximilian Vogel maximilian.vogel at student.kit.edu
Tue Dec 2 14:47:18 CET 2014

Hi Lukas,

> Any ideas where this comes from?
Not really. Is it possible for you to provide some information? E.g.:
- the result ofG.checkConsistency()at different stages of your algorithm 
(although I'm not sure whether this leads to more insight or not)
- is the graph directed? do you have a graph file and/or a minimal 
example to reproduce the bug?
- where does the graph come from? a file or has it been constructed?
- if the latter: did you use the GraphBuilder? Is the graph constructed 
in parallel? Might this be an issue in general?
- ...

Maximilian Vogel
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