[Networkit] Unittests

Maximilian Vogel uocvf at student.kit.edu
Thu Jan 23 12:24:41 CET 2014

Running unittests is now more convenient, care for the following:
Predefined filters can be chosen with:
     NetworKit-Tests-D -t/--tests
     sets: gtest_filter=*Test.test*

     NetworKit-Tests-D -e/--trials
     sets: gtest_filter=*Test.try*

     NetworKit-Tests-D -b/--benchmarks
     sets: gtest_filter=*Benchmark*

Custom filters can be set with the following equivalent calls:
     NetworKit-Tests-D -f<FILTER>
     NetworKit-Tests-D --gtest_filter=<FILTER>

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