[Networkit] Release checklist

Maximilian Vogel uocvf at student.kit.edu
Wed Jul 2 20:53:45 CEST 2014

Fellow NetworKit developers,

as NetworKit grows bigger (e.g. the new webseite) and more people are 
involved, several things need to be organized and done towards a new 
Therefore, a checklist of tasks that need to be finished for each 
release could be very helpful. The following is just a brainstormed list 
and by no means complete:

  * Development related (correct ordering might be useful):

     1. If not already done during ongoing development:
         1. Pull new features/code from forks into the Dev branch.
         2. Merge branches into the Dev branch (and close them, if they
            are finished and not longer used, e.g. a branch for one
     2. If not done in the branches and forks: Document changes relevant
        to the user in the appropriate files (markdown, PDF, IPython
     3. Make sure, that the all the Unit tests (option '-t/--tests') run
     4. Make sure, that the user guide Notebook runs properly.
     5. Update version number (setup.py, ...).
     6. Merge Dev branch into default (release) branch.
     7. Set version tag in default branch.
     8. Merge default branch back into Dev branch.

  * Website related (automatic scripts would be nice...):
      o Write news item.
      o Update "getting started" page.
      o Update files (networkit.zip, PDF, user guide,...) and their links.
      o Update "documentation" page, C++ and Python documentations.

  * Misc: Write a mail including release notes to the mailing list.

Comments and suggestions are appreciated!

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