[Networkit] Cython type issue

Hamann, Michael (ITI) michael.hamann at kit.edu
Tue Jul 22 16:12:06 CEST 2014


trying to implement a parameter that is a set of nodes, I noticed that 
apparently there are some problems with the automatic conversion of the 
node type to Python when it is used inside containers. I found in the 
code/history that apparently Christian had the same problem with the 
ChungLu Generator in February 2014 (commit message: workaround for 
cython type issue, comment in the code: TODO: revert to count when 
cython issue fixed).

My question is: what exactly is this type issue, is there an official 
bug report or is this even already fixed in the development version of 

Furthermore I would suggest to use "unsigned long" instead of "unsigned 
int", at least for type promotion (but not compilation?!) uint64_t is a 
typedef of "unsigned long". I guess on systems with 32 bit this is still 
not the same. On 64 bit systems at least it even works to use "unsigned 
long" just in Python and to use the correct type in C++.


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