[Networkit] Compile options; NetworKit as a library

Maximilian Vogel uocvf at student.kit.edu
Sat Jun 14 11:23:05 CEST 2014

Fellow users and developers,

*Compile options*
Minor changes have been made to the compile options in the Dev branch 
since there have been mix-ups with "O" and "D".

  * optimized mode "O" has been renamed to "Opt"
  * debug mode "D" has been renamed to "Dbg"
  * profiling mode "P" has been renamed to "Pro"

*NetworKit as a Library*
NetworKit can also be used as a library. A section with instructions has 
been added to the Readme:
It is also possible to use NetworKit as a library. Therefore, choose the 
target "Lib" when compiling NetworKit. The include directives in your 
C++-application look like the following

#include <NetworKit/graph/Graph.h>

NetworKit is a symlink to the directory src/cpp, so the directory 
structure from the repository is valid.
To compile your application, you need to add the paths for the header 
files and the location of the library.
There is a simple source file to demonstrate this. Feel free to compile 
LibDemo.cpp as follows:

g++ -o LibDemo -std=c++11 -I/path/to/repository-L/path/to/repository 
LibDemo.cpp -lNetworKit -fopenmp


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