[Networkit] Possible bugs

Daniel Hoske daniel.hoske at student.kit.edu
Wed Jun 25 00:31:55 CEST 2014


I found a few bugs (as of 2357a1ad2389/Dev). Could the persons
reponsible please look at them and check whether they really are bugs?

  - auxiliary/NumberParsing.h, line 193: missing return

  - cpp/algebraic/Matrix.h: Subclasses of Matrix leak memory since
    Matrix lacks a virtual destructor.

  - properties/ParallelConnectedComponents.cpp lines 69 and 71: data
    races writing change and nextActiveNodes. This is unspecified
    behaviour (even though you always write the same datum,
    explicitly disallowed since OpenMP specification 3.0).

    I'd recommend using atomic_bool or #pragma omp atomic write.

    Also see section 2.4 in 

  - structures/Partition.cpp, line 94: Same as above. Race on
    only-write access to exists[].


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