[Networkit] Testfailure on some systems

Florian Weber uagws at student.kit.edu
Mon Jun 30 21:30:17 CEST 2014


as some of you may have noticed, the unittest
AuxGTest.testNumberParsingAdvancedReal fails on some, but not all
systems. I just found out that I can reproduce the problem on my server,
which enabled me to do some investigation. My results are so far, that
the problem is probably not in the actual parsing-code, but in
std::nexttoward which is used in the testing code (it rounds into the
wrong direction). In order to find out more about this and verify my
hypothesis, I ask everyone who has this problem to try the below
test-code and mail me their results if it prints “0”(IMPORTANT: include
the version of your compiler and if you have multiple versions
installed, please try every one of them).



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