[Networkit] Refactoring and an extended build script

Maximilian Vogel uocvf at student.kit.edu
Mon Mar 3 11:59:13 CET 2014

C++ source code has been moved from src/ to src/cpp and the Cython and 
Python code has been moved from cython/ to src/python.

Also the setup.py script is now placed in the top folder of the 
repository. Its functionality has been extended:
"python3 setup.py build_ext" will now compile NetworKit and then build 
the extensions. The same goes for
"python3 setup.py develop", which will make NetworKit available 
everywhere on your system and not just the src/python folder. To undo 
this, call "python3 setup.py develop --uninstall".
"python3 setup.py clean" will also invoke scons to clean the build of 

You can specify the build type (--optimize=O|D|P) and the number of jobs 
(-jN), by default it will be --optimize=O and -j*NUMBER_LOGICAL_CPU_CORES*

If you encounter any issues with these changes, please report.

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