[Networkit] Improved setup for package installations

Christian Staudt christian.staudt at kit.edu
Thu Nov 13 11:14:35 CET 2014

Hi Max,
I’ve tested this, but it failed with the following output: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/26d3fb9df4e1ac6714bd

However, the same thing happens with the current head of the Dev branch when compiling with setup.py. It seems there is a bug in the cythonization of PLM::prolong

networkit/_NetworKit.cpp:23128:136: error: no matching function for call to 'NetworKit::PLM::prolong(NetworKit::Graph&, NetworKit::Partition&, NetworKit::Graph&, std::vector<long unsigned int>&)'


Am 12.11.2014 um 23:56 schrieb Maximilian Vogel <maximilian.vogel at student.kit.edu>:

> Fellow developers and users,
> some work on setup.py has been done to achieve the following for package installations via pip:
> - remove cython dependency
> - remove scons dependency
> So far it seems to work, although more testing is necessary. Therefore, I'd like to invite you to try the following command (preferably on a clean/fresh system, that is capable of compiling NetworKit):
>     [sudo] pip install -i https://testpypi.python.org/pypi networkit
> or anything equivalent and report your results (e.g. the console output) and feedback to me.
> Thanks,
> Max
> <ATT00001.c>

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