[Networkit] Exporting subgraph to a file

Christian Staudt christian.staudt at kit.edu
Sat Nov 22 16:20:01 CET 2014

> - Christian raised the idea, that the original node ids could be stored 
> as node attributes. I guess this would work, but I don't know about the 
> current state of node attributes in NetworKit.

The state of node attributes is very simple: Store attributes in any container where the elements can be retrieved by node id (vector/list, map/dict, …). 

So NetworKit works with consecutive node ids starting from 0. Other node ids, names, etc. that are externally given are simply attributes of the nodes.
Each file reader that performs some mapping of node ids from what is in the file to what NetworKit uses could expose this mapping through a getter method.

> - As far as I see it, NetworKit currently does not have a sparse graph 
> data structure. 

@Max: What do you mean by sparse graph data structure?

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