[Networkit] How do you deal with the incompatible dependencies of *networkit*?

Chen Houwu chenhouwu at gmail.com
Tue Jan 20 10:40:32 CET 2015

But I can’t run pip3 install network of course.

And if I run pip install network, the installation will also fail too.

So… seems I can only build manually in python 2, and when finished, shift to python3 and then install, right?

Is there any instructions for manual installation? I did not find it in the documentation.

Chen Howu

On 2015年1月20日 at 17:26:25, Christian Staudt (christian.staudt at kit.edu) wrote:

Hi Chen,
There's no real incompatibility here, let me clarify:
- networkit is a Python 3 package 
- scons, the build driver program, runs on Python 2
- You can have both Python 2 and 3 installed on your system. Package managers usually let you handle these installations in a user friendly way.

Hope that helps,

ps. Your request to join the email list has been approved. 

On 20.01.2015, at 04:25, Chen Houwu <chenhouwu at gmail.com> wrote:


I try two days in various ways, but still can’t install networkit. 
I just wonder how do you deal with the following incompatibility: 

- networkit requires python3, without compatibility on python2. 
- networkit depends on sons 
- scons requires python2, without compatibility on python 3. 

I request to join the email list, but seems did not get approved,
So I write to you directly.
Sorry for disturbing you.

Chen Howu 
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