[Networkit] Fwd: HubDominance question

Michael Hamann michael.hamann at kit.edu
Thu Jan 22 11:08:55 CET 2015


On Thursday 22 January 2015 10:59:55, Christian Staudt wrote:
> Begin forwarded message:
> > From: Isra Al Qasem <isra_aq at hotmail.com>
> > I have a question, how to call hubDominance function? Can you please give
> > me an example for its parameters?
> > 
> > community.HubDominance.getQuality(singatures,args,kwargs,defaults)
> > 
> > What is the singatures parameter? I got an error says first argument
> > should be of type _NetworKit.HubDominace

HubDominance is using the exactly same interface as all the other quality 
measures which means that getQuality() is a non-static member function, i.e. 
you need to call

community.HubDominance().getQuality(C, G)

where C is the Partition instance and G is the graph. Note that the parameters 
and the return value are also documented in the documentation of the method 
and more information about this quality measure can be found in the 
documentation of the class itself.

I personally don't like this interface but I chose it in order to keep it 
consistent with the other quality measures.


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