[Networkit] [NetworKit] failure of test GraphGTest.forInEdgesOf

Arie Slobbe aslobbe at macalester.edu
Mon Jun 29 13:21:00 CEST 2015


When I run some tests on NetworKit with the command

./NetworKit-Tests-Dbg --tests --gtest_filter=InstantiationName*

I get the following failed tests:

[  FAILED  ] 4 tests, listed below:
[  FAILED  ] InstantiationName/GraphGTest.forInEdgesOf/0, where GetParam()
= 2-byte object <00-00>
[  FAILED  ] InstantiationName/GraphGTest.forInEdgesOf/1, where GetParam()
= 2-byte object <00-01>
[  FAILED  ] InstantiationName/GraphGTest.forInEdgesOf/2, where GetParam()
= 2-byte object <01-00>
[  FAILED  ] InstantiationName/GraphGTest.forInEdgesOf/3, where GetParam()
= 2-byte object <01-01>

Interestingly, when you run all tests in NetworKit, this test does not show
up because its name is "forInEdgesOf" (as opposed to "testForInEdgesOf").

If the author of this test could please take a look, it would be much


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