[Networkit] gephi: using exported values as node ranking input

Jonas Krautter jonas.krautter at student.kit.edu
Mon Mar 9 11:15:36 CET 2015

Hi Chris,

the column must be Integer typed (and I think String works too) to be
available in the Partition dialog. The type of the column can usually be
selected when importing the CSV file. There's also a plugin available
for casting column types.


On 03/09/2015 10:05 AM, Christian Staudt wrote:
> Hi,
> a question for our Gephi experts: If I export values from NetworKit to CSV via
> 	gephi.exportNodeValues
> and import them into the Gephi data view, they are only available for the “Partition” dialog, not for the “Ranking” dialog. Why is that?
> Chris
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