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Damiano Rossato damiano_rossato at alice.it
Wed Mar 18 14:20:57 CET 2015

Hi Max,

I show you the incriminated snippet of code:

communitiesuEPP = community.detectCommunities(Tuk, algo=community.EPP(Tuk))

instead everything works fine when I use this call: 

communitiesuPLP = comsmunity.detectCommunities(Tuk,algo=community.PLP(Tuk))

 is an undirected graph. I don't use the inizialization with EPPFactory,
 because I don't know how to use it. Can you show me how?


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Hi Damiano,

Does the crash really happen everytime? For me at least the first call 
to run() after initiliazing the ensemble works just fine.
Also, how do you initialize the ensemble? Do you use the EPP factory?
The default base clusterer PLP can only be run once after 
initializiation, which is the reason why it crashes the kernel on my 
system when I try a second call to epp.run(). This crash should 
definitely be avoided. I'll look into this.


On 18.03.2015 12:22, Damiano Rossato wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to use the community.EPP algorithm on iPython3 but it 
> crashs the kernel everytime. In file EPP.cpp in community folder I 
> found this:
> // run base clusterers in parallel
>     #pragma omp parallel for
>     for (index b = 0; b < baseClusterers.size(); b += 1) {
>         // FIXME: initialization of base clusterer?
>         baseClusterers.at(b)->run();
>         baseClusterings.at(b) = baseClusterers.at(b)->getPartition();
>     }
> so I suppose that the issue I already know to Network's community. 
> Someone knows the solution?
> Thank you to everybody and have a nice day
> Damiano Rossato

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