[Networkit] Checking for Python version during installation

Christian Staudt christian.staudt at kit.edu
Fri Mar 27 13:02:58 CET 2015

I’ve pushed a modification to the setup.py script that checks for Python 3 and exits with an error message otherwise. 
@Max: Can you double-check this?


On 18 Mar 2015, at 11:53, Christian Staudt <christian.staudt at kit.edu> wrote:

> If a user tries to install NetworKit with the wrong Python version, it looks like this:
> 	https://stackoverflow.com/questions/29004223/pip-install-networkit-error
> Can we make this more obvious by checking for the right version of Python first? sys.version gives that information, but I’m not sure at which point in the setup script this should be checked.
> Chris
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