[Networkit] NetworKit 3.5 Sprint & Release

Moritz von Looz moritz.looz-corswarem at kit.edu
Mon May 11 15:20:04 CEST 2015

Hey Christian,

does that mean you are not going to participate in the PhD meeting for the SPP Big Data? Since I am going to attend, I will not be able to be at the sprint.

All the best,

Am 11.05.2015 um 15:18 schrieb Christian Staudt:
> Dear NetworKit developers,
> please join me for a sprint to complete the next release of NetworKit, version 3.5.
> The meeting will take place on Friday, May 29, in room 010 of building 50.34, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Starting at 11:00, we expect to release a new version by ca. 16:00. Feel free to join and leave according to your own schedule.
> Please let me know in advance if you are going to join.
> At the same time, May 29 is the deadline for contributions to 3.5. Please check the Kanboard and move tasks in the right direction - preferably forward.
> Thank you
> Chris

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