[Networkit] Using C++14 in NetworKit [was setup.py compiler detection cleanup]

Henning Meyerhenke henning.meyerhenke at kit.edu
Mon Nov 9 12:52:10 CET 2015

Am 09.11.15 um 12:08 schrieb Maximilian Vogel:
> On 09.11.2015 11:43, Moritz v. Looz wrote:
>> One reason would be that gcc 4.9 is not in the repositories for Ubuntu
>> 14.04, the current LTS version.
>> Using the current Dev branch of NetworKit would require system
>> upgrades or manual installation of gcc for Elisabetta and me.
>> Since we are probably not outliers in the user base, this would affect
>> many other users as well.
> These are good arguments. I think it's too early for a "hard"
> requirement of a C++14 compiler.

There should definitely be a warning regarding code that is marked for 
deletion (and a reason why to do so) before this is going to happen. In 
that sense a [[deprecated]] flag is a step forward (but the original 
developer should also be pointed to it). However, the same functionality 
could be obtained differently with only minor overhead.

For now it seems that strictly requiring C++-14 is more overhead and 
problematic. We cannot assume that everybody updates his/her system 
every six months. Once the compiler support and distribution is better, 
we should consider it again.


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