[Networkit] Issue with Directed Graph and Question

Michael Marcucci onlycutch at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 17:50:18 CEST 2015

First off great program works very nicely, and does not eat up my RAM.
However I did have an issue
running properties.StronglyConnectedComponents(g) on very large directed
It fails on Ubuntu x64 with a Bus Error.
My graph is 800,000 vertices & 135M edges.
As a test of the software I pretended they were un-directed edges and the
ConnectedComponents function worked fine.
The machine has 160GB of RAM and only ~25GB are being used at the time of
the failure so it is not a lack of resource issue.

I worked around this issue by using graph-tools to find the components but
I would like to streamline the process of only using Networkit.

As for my question, the Betweenness and Closeness algorithms are they
suitable for directed graphs? Most of the algorithms I have seen only use
un-directed graphs. Is the Networkit algorithm doing something different,
or accounting for directed-ness?

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