[Networkit] matching algorithms and data structure

Henning Meyerhenke henning.meyerhenke at kit.edu
Wed Oct 28 20:25:00 CET 2015

Am 28.10.15 um 18:47 schrieb Christian Staudt:
> On 28 Oct 2015, at 12:00, Moritz von Looz <moritz.looz-corswarem at kit.edu> wrote:
>> I've fixes for these issues in a private repository, can merge them into the main repo if you want to.
> Please do so comrade. You should know that privatizing bugfixes is counter-revolutionary.


>> As to b), they are useful to me right now.
> Okay. What about making Matching a subclass of Partition? I believe they are basically the same data structure.

 From a conceptual point of view, this is not advisable. A matching is a 
subgraph with max degree 1, whereas a Partition is, well, a partition of 
the vertex set, thus something different. (A partition covers V, a 
matching does not have to, for example.)

However, and that is probably what you mean, both could be implemented 
in a similar way. Still, subclassing is not the way to go here. Would we 
gain something by using a Partition to implement a Matching? Probably 
not due to some subtle differences that would need code for special cases.


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