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Symmetrizing the adjacency matrix is what the Graph500 specification
asks as well:


While the original model may not enforce it, it is standard procedure in
the vast majority of works.


Am 13.04.16 um 11:34 schrieb Christian Staudt:
> Question on our RmatGenerator implementation: It generates an
> undirected graph, but accepts four arbitrary probabilities (a,b,c,d)
> as parameters. In the original model, they represent probabilities of
> a 1 entry being placed in one of the four quadrants of an adjacency
> matrix. But the adjacency matrix of an undirected graph is symmetric.
> If for each 1 in the matrix the symmetric 1 is created (I assume that
> is what the implementation effectively does), does that change the
> model? Has this been thought through?
> C.
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