[Networkit] [ACTION REQ.] GitHub Migration

Kolja Esders kolja.esders at student.kit.edu
Thu Dec 15 00:46:45 CET 2016

Hi all,

after the release of version 4.2 we are in the process of migrating the
NetworKit project to GitHub. This will most likely happen towards the end
of January in the next year. You will receive further notice shortly before
the actual migration.

This will allow for an easier development process and we also hope to draw
more external collaborators to the project as well as increase the reach of


*1) If you have repositories on Algohub that should be migrated to GitHub,
I kindly ask you to write me an email with the names of the repositories.*
*We will assume that all other repositories are no longer needed and might
take appropriate action.*

*2) If you would like to be a member of the GitHub organization
<https://github.com/kit-parco> and you did not receive an invitation so
far, please write me your GitHub account name so we can add you.*

The organization features unlimited seats (for internal & external
collaborators) and private repositories.

This request will be repeated shortly before the migration to cover new
repositories and to have some redundancy.

Do not hesitate to ask in case of questions or if you want to point out
some potential issues with the migration.

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