[Networkit] NetworKit - Successful compilation on Windows 7 SP1 / CodeBlocks / MinGW / Scons / Python

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Wed Apr 26 07:15:02 CEST 2017

Hi Moritz, 

Thanks for your response and pointer.  

I downloaded and tried compiling the feature/portable-pi branch but running into several compilation errors while attempting to create the NetworKit library (most of them seem to be namespace issues). sanityNodeLimit is not reported anymore as compilation issue.

I will continue trying and will update once I am able to proceed. 


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Dear Engels Rajangam,

thanks for the detailed writeup! It is quite a feat to compile NetworKit on Windows, the documentation will be very useful to us.

Unfortunately, the constants you changed in the source code will break the generator of hyperbolic random graphs.
One of these constants, the sanityNodeLimit, was outdated anyway and I removed it. An accurate value of PI, however, is still necessary.

Could you try the version on branch feature/portable-pi and see whether it compiles without your changes to the source code?

All the best,

Am 25.04.2017 um 09:31 schrieb Engels R:
> Hello NetworKit team,
> First of all thanks for your hard work on releasing such a nice toolkit. For one of my proposed research work I believe your tool will be very useful.
> I have a restriction of using NetworkIt under Windows 7 SP1 only. So I had to spend 4-5 days intensively working on compiling NetworKit under Windows7, but finally succeeded. I was able to run a simple program to compute centrality.
> I have put together the issues I ran into and the steps I had to take to resolve those in the attached pdf, in the hope that it may be useful for others in same situation like me.
> Please note that the attached document is not organized  neatly :) I just wanted to get this across quickly so others may benefit.
> Hope this helps someone,
> Engels Rajangam
> PSG College of Technology, India.
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