[Networkit] Networkit 4.3 Release

Kolja Esders kolja.esders at student.kit.edu
Wed Jun 7 23:47:13 CEST 2017

Hi all,

we just released NetworKit 4.3.

These are the release notes:

NetworKit 4.3 Release



   New dynamic algorithm for updating exact betweenness centrality after an
   edge insertion, based on “Faster Betweenness Centrality Updates in Evolving
   Networks”, Bergamini et al., to appear at SEA 2017 (

   New dynamic algorithm for updating APSP after an edge insertion (this is
   basically the first step of the dynamic betweenness algorithm, with the
   difference that only distances are updated, and not the number of shortest

   New faster algorithm for listing all maximal cliques, based on “Listing
   All Maximal Cliques in Large Sparse Real-World Graphs”, Eppstein and
   Strash, SEA 2011 (



   New base class DynAlgorithm with a common interface for all dynamic

   Jupyter Notebook explaining how to use dynamic algorithms in NetworKit.

   Renamed ApproxBetweenness2 to EstimateBetweenness.

   Moved SSSP, DynSSSP and subclasses to distance module.

   Refactored PrioQueue and PrioQueueForInts to have a common interface.

   Made deletion of incident edges automatic when deleting a node.

   Fixed minor issues and improved documentation of several classes.

   Exported Graph::randomEdge(s) to Python.

   Marked IndependentSetFinder, FruchtermanReingold, Layouter,
   MultilevelLayouter, RandomSpanningTree, PseudoRandomSpanningTree and
   MaxClique as deprecated.

NOTE: The classes marked as deprecated will be permanently deleted with the
next release. Please contact us if there are reasons why some of the
classes should be kept.

Please let us know in case you encounter any issues.


NetworKit Team
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