[Networkit] networkit algorithms on multiple computing nodes or multiple computers

Meyerhenke, Henning (ITI) meyerhenke at kit.edu
Wed Nov 15 15:51:45 CET 2017

Dear Francesco,

We have analyzed networks with up to ten billion edges on a low-cost
server (256 GB RAM). Getting 1 TB RAM is not that expensive these days,
giving you around 40 billion edges.

For many purposes this is good enough. If not for yours, you will have
to find a different solution indeed, I have to admit.

Just take into account that you either lose a lot of programmer
productivity or execution performance if you leave the shared-mem realm.


Am 15.11.17 um 15:08 schrieb Francesco L.:
> OK thank you very much,
> So is not it possible to perform on multiple calculation nodes?
> Actually since we wanted to use the networkit tool to analyze social networks we would have Big Data,
> but if this is not possible, we will find other solutions.
> thank you,
> Francis
>> Il giorno 15 nov 2017, alle ore 14:20, Henning Meyerhenke <henning.meyerhenke at kit.edu> ha scritto:
>> Dear Francesco,
>> So far, NetworKit is designed for shared-memory systems. Dealing with
>> multiple compute nodes is far more involved in terms of programming
>> and/or getting high performance. Plus, for many applications it should
>> not be necessary to scale out of shared memory (mem is cheap...) -- it
>> is the best way to go unless your data is really too big.
>> There are some plans to scale beyond, but do not expect them to become
>> reality any time soon. They depend on demand, funding, resources, and
>> real need of applications -- a very tricky combination.
>> Best,
>> Henning
>> Am 15.11.17 um 13:29 schrieb Francesco landolina:
>>> Good morning everyone,
>>> Thank you very much for the many times that you helped me!
>>> I was wondering whether it would be possible to use the networkit algorithms on multiple computing nodes or multiple computers, so that it could be distributed over multiple machines.
>>> thank you so much,
>>> Francesco
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