[Networkit] Networkit 4.4 Release

Kolja Esders kolja.esders at student.kit.edu
Wed Sep 6 01:29:48 CEST 2017

Hi all,

we just released NetworKit 4.4.

These are the release notes:

NetworKit 4.4 Release



   Weakly connected components (components.WeaklyConnectedComponents)

   Dynamic algorithm for updating connected components in undirected graphs

   Algorithm for computing the weakly connected components in directed
   graphs (components.WeaklyConnectedComponents)

   Enumeration of all simple paths between two nodes, up to a
   user-specified threshold (distance.AllSimplePaths)



   Improved documentation

   Marked SSSP::getStack() as deprecated and replaced with

   Several fixes in the LFR generator

   Added a wrapper class for the BTER implementation FEASTPACK

   Expose restoreNode method to Python

   Added shared library option to SCons

Please let us know in case you encounter any issues.


NetworKit Team
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