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Dear Maruf

the PLP implementation is free software and part of NetworKit: https://networkit.iti.kit.edu/ <https://networkit.iti.kit.edu/>.  I no longer have the scripts that were used to generate the figure, but with the help of the documentation and perhaps the mailing list, it will be possible for you to replicate the experiment. 

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> On 14. Sep 2017, at 05:03, Md Maruf Hossain <mhossa10 at uncc.edu> wrote:
> recently I read one of your great paper based on community detection in the massive network. The title of the paper is "Engineering Parallel Algorithms for Community Detection in Massive Networks".
> You also provided the supplementary material for the additional task with some important graph and chart. One of the important graph of Number of active and updated labels per iteration of PLP for the web graph uk-2002. Can you kindly give me any link or code that I can perform and check the experiment? 
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