[palladio-dev] [sdq-dev] Problem with PCM metamodels v5

Chris Vogel chris_vogel at gmx.net
Fri Mar 16 14:23:09 CET 2012

Hi Martin,

I have no entries in "QVT Settings --> Metamodel Seetings".
At this point you can only register metamodels from your workspace for  
usage in the qvt transformation. I a tutorial about QVT-O it says that  
only metamodels registered via the Eclipse platform would work. All my  
needed metamodels, are available as plugins and should be automatically be  
It seems that there is a mistake with the registered PCM models...

Kind regards

> Hi Chris,
> did you have a look at the project properties under "QVT Settings -->  
> Metamodel Seetings" to check that the model URIs are all correct?
> Just a thought.
> -Martin
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>> Hi together,
>> I have a strange problem with Eclipse 3.7.2 ModelingTools with  
>> Operational
>> QVT and the latest PCM 3.3 nightly build.
>> To use them in my QVT-O transformation I defined the PCM metamodels in  
>> the
>> transformation header (see. qvt_models_pcm.png).
>> By using the new metamodels with version 5 I got the errors shown in the
>> picture: Failed to resolve Metamodel "..." . When I use an old URL, like
>> */Repository/4.0 then you can see in the tooltip of Eclipse that it
>> targets Version 5.0 of the PCM (see target_old_url.png)
>> Additionally in the View "Metamodel Explorer" I got some errors  
>> concerning
>> the PCM metamodels as shown in picture metamodel_explorer_error.png The
>> ErrorLog has no entries concerning this.
>> Does anybody know what is wrong here? It seems that there at some point  
>> of
>> the PCM still the old URLs are used...
>> Kind regards
>> Chris Vogel

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