[palladio-dev] [sdq-dev] How to reference PCM genmodel

Markus Heller markus_heller at gmx.de
Tue Mar 20 10:55:51 CET 2012

Hi Martin,

finishing the generation is not possible without "regenerating" pcm 
What works is loading the Palladio model source into my workspace and 
referencing the pcm genmodel. But no luck so far with referencing the 
genmodel shipped within the PCM plugin.

Kind regards

> Hi Markus,
> did you activate your root package (myTest)? Then you should be able to finish the generation.
> -Martin
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>> Hello everyone,
>> I need some basic advice ;-).
>> I have build an Ecore model with a cross-reference to PCM now I am trying
>> to create an EMF Generator Model from the Ecore file. However I cannot
>> figure out how to reference the PCM genmodel provided(?) with the PCM
>> plug-in.
>> (A plug-in dependency to "de.uka.ipd.sdq.pcm (3.2.0)" has been added.)
>> Please see the attached pdf:
>> figure 1:
>> There is a probably unrelated warning when loading my Ecore file .
>> figure 2:
>> depicts the selection dialog with the missing PCM genmodel.
>> figure 3:
>> shows my Eclipse installation details plug-in information (note the
>> Provider is set to "www.example.org")
>> (using Eclipse Indigo)
>> greetings
>> Markus

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