[palladio-dev] Palladio Developer Meeting on November 26th 2014

Sebastian Lehrig sebastian.lehrig at uni-paderborn.de
Mon Aug 11 22:11:27 CEST 2014

Dear Palladio developers,

We are currently considering to have a Palladio developer meeting on November 26th, just before the main "Symposium on Software Performance - Descartes/Kieker/Palladio Days 2014" [1]. Possible topics include an introduction to the new features we developed during the last year [2]. If we get enough interested people, we will organize such a developer meeting.

Therefore, please give me a short reply if you are interested and would join at November, 26th.

Best regards

[1] http://www.performance-symposium.org
[2] https://sdqweb.ipd.kit.edu/wiki/PCM_Development/Palladio_Concall/Minutes_20140811#Release_Features

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