[palladio-dev] Palladio Concall & Release Features

Sebastian Lehrig sebastian.lehrig at uni-paderborn.de
Mon Jul 14 15:09:02 CEST 2014

Dear all,

There will be _no_ Palladio concall today as no crucial topics where added to the agenda.

However, we already have some on-going discussions regarding the next release. The release will most likely be scheduled around the next Palladio/Kieker/Descartes days in November. Because we heavily refactored Palladio, we will have a major release (i.e., Palladio 4.0).

In case you want to add a feature to this release, please send me an email. Current planned features are the following:
- Eclipse Luna support
- Refactored analysis framework
	- Removed Pipes&Filters Framework
	- Full support for EDP2 (both, recorder and visualization support)
	- Deprecated SensorFramework
	- New metamodel for specifying and using metrics in analyses; including new metrics for scalability and elasticity
	- Improved ExperimentAutomation
- Added JavaEE support to ProtoCom
	- Added support for generating EJBs
	- Added support for generating Servlets; prototypes for the SAP HANA Cloud will run out-of-the-box
	- Added support for HTTP communication (used by Servlets)
	- Added support for a web-based user interface
- Added support for Palladio Profiles
- Minor bug fixes

We will discuss the release and these features in the next Palladio concall, scheduled on August 11th 2014, 16:00.

Feel free to add items you want to discuss on the concall agenda:


Best regards

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