[palladio-dev] Problem integrating PCM and Xtext

Reiner Jung reiner.jung at email.uni-kiel.de
Thu Mar 6 18:12:58 CET 2014

Hello folks,

after some long and intensive fiddling around with MWE2 workflows and
all the genmodels necessary to build something with the PCM, I get a
rather nasty NullPointerException deep down in the GenModelImpl code. As
described here
I get a null pointer exception during the initialization phase in
GenModelImpl which is caused by the inability to resolve a proxy object.
At least that is what I could detemrine so far after trying to fix this
for several days (on and off).

My question to palladio-dev list is: Have you experienced similar
problems in your projects or is my setup broken compared to working
projects. I build a small example project which I attached to this
email. Maybe someone has some insight, ideas or suggestions what I can
do to fix this issue.


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