[palladio-dev] Building Palladio

Reiner Jung reiner.jung at email.uni-kiel.de
Fri Mar 21 17:54:46 CET 2014


I've fiddling round with Palladio for quite a while. As using the
released version of Palladio does not work in conjunction with my code,
I decided to get the Palladio core compiled in the same Eclipse setup as
my code. Therefore, I checked out the anonymous repository of Palladio
and imported all projects from Palladio/Core/trunk. However, the
checkout does not compile. A brief examination of the build problems
showed that the following projects/packages are missing:


Trunk is normally not the best place to expect working code, but as
de.uka.ipd.sqd.pcm is such a core component, I assumed that it would be
stable enough to use it. Furthermore, the present Palladio build seams
to work. So what am I missing?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Kind regards

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