[palladio-dev] Invariants for subtypes at wrong location in PCM

Max Kramer max.kramer at kit.edu
Tue Sep 2 16:33:46 CEST 2014

Hello everybody,

some hard-working students discovered that at least the invariant
of the PCM works not as expected for BasicComponents because it is
located at the subtype CompleteComponentType and not at the supertype

I was able to reproduce the error in Eclipse Luna with a minimal
example: For every instance of a metaclass only the invariants of this
metaclass and all supertypes are evaluated. Invariants at siblings are
ignored. This means the location of an invariant is sometimes crucial.

For the PCM this means that the invariant
and possibly further invariants of the PCM have to be moved up to the
common ancestor for all metaclasses for which they should be evaluated.

Is anybody willing to do this, e.g. for the next release? I am happy to
provide the minimal example but I would not be comfortable with moving
invariants in the PCM without knowing the side-effects (i.e. code
locations where it is assumed that these invariants are not evaluated).




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