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Hi Jörg,

there is a multi-core attribute where you can specify the number of cores per resource. However, that unfortunately doesn't cut it for all cases. Multi-socket processors are often (for x86 processors at least) rolled out with the same type in the same node, so you can somewhat approximate how they would behave by modelling them as one active resource with 2x the cores. However, you can't really apply the same method for HDDs (which you also model as Processing/Active Resources). There are regularly cases for servers where you have both a slow disk drive and a faster SSD. There is the work-around of specifying another ProcessingResourceType for SSDS but that also comes at the disadvantage of not being able deploy a component that accesses general HDDs to a node that has an SSD.
> so adding another resource of the same type might implicate some kind of (advanced) resource dispatching.
I agree with you on this part - I am currently trying to think of the least bad solution to the problem.

Best regards,

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Hi Christian,

I think this is just implementation specific. Nonetheless, there are some problems due to the fact that ResourceDemands are usually only specified resource type wise, so adding another resource of the same type might implicate some kind of (advanced) resource dispatching.
If you just want to model a dual core processor or alike, I remember there was some kind of replication attribute?!

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Am 25.09.2014 um 08:51 schrieb Christian Stier:

Hi all,

SimuCom currently assumes that only one resource of the same ActiveResourceType is hosted in the same ResourceContainer. Is this a PCM-wide assumption or does this fall into the category of implementation-specific limitations?

The 'culprit' can be found in the resources.xpt generation template ActiveResourceAdd, where the names for all processing units are generated based the type of the generated resource: «this.activeResourceType_ActiveResourceSpecification.id.javaVariableName()»_provInterfaces . This causes issues when it is expanded multiple times in the same ResourceContainer for the same ActiveResourceType.

I wanted to ask whether this is something that was done for a good reason, or rather is something that I can fix in good conscience.

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