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Steffen Becker steffen.becker at informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Thu May 11 08:55:27 CEST 2017

Dear all,

may I draw your attention to a workshop call in our field (see also 


Welcome to MDETOOLS 2017

September 17, 19, or 19, 2017 (exact date to be determined)
Workshop co-located with MODELS'17, Austin, Texas

The easy availability of high-quality tools with effective supporting 
materials and documentation significantly increases the chances of 
adoption of any new software development approach. While there are many 
different significant obstacles to the development of such tools and 
materials, there is some evidence suggesting that the modeling community 
would benefit from an increased focus on the tools it produces and the 
support it provides to potential and actual users to compare, evaluate, 
and use them.

Inspired by “tool challenge and competition” workshops in other fields 
(e.g., [1], [2], [3], [4]) the MDETools Workshop intends to provide a 
forum in which

     the strengths and weaknesses of existing MDE tools can be 
identified and discussed,
     suitable evaluation and comparison criteria and processes can be 
     the modeling community is encouraged to create and share materials 
that support MDE tools use more effectively, and
     experitise and best practices for creating high-quality tools and 
materials efficiently can be collected.

The workshop welcomes regular paper submissions on these topics. But, to 
facilitate the comparison of tools, it also solicits submissions that 
demonstrate the use and utility of a specific MDE tool in the context of 
one of two ‘challenge problems’. Moreover, the workshop also features a 
‘Video Tutorial’ track which challenges the community to create 
appealing video tutorials that describe the use of a tool for a specific 
purpose in an informative and accurate, but also effective and 
attractive way.


[1] Language Workbench Challenge Workshop, SPLASH 2016, 
[2] Transformation Tool Contest, STAF 2016, 
[3] SAT Competition, 19th International Conference on Theory and 
Applications of Satisfiability Testing, 2016, http://www.satcompetition.org.
[4] VerifyThis Verification Competition, ETAPS 2016, 

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